tracing transcendental tone film poster

Trailer for Tracing Transcendental Tone – Feature Documentary (1’14”)

This feature documentary follows a pilgrimage through the sacred sounds of India – a land of many faiths, including Veda, Islam and Buddhism. Using striking visual material with an evocative multi-layered soundtrack, the audience is taken on a unique sound journey of sacred sound practices of many of the worlds key religions. Using a combination of interviews, performances and natural sounds, the film weaves a rich and immersive cinematic experience. With an intimate and direct camera style, viewers have the opportunity to get close to the many spiritual practitioners, musicians and meditation teachers, who form the fabric of the journey. Bubbling hot springs, subtropical nocturnal orchestras of insects, harsh frozen mountain wind, combine with mantra chanting, classical Hindustani music and dynamic temple sounds of drums and trumpets. This audio-visual tone poem is an invitation to experience greater sense awareness and the transformative and healing power of sound.